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Extrasum Inc is a reliable Forex trading services with faultless reputation that has worked wonders. Registered in 2017, Extrasum has avant-garde leadership and has taken the multiple and relative advantages to the next level that has made us distinct/ stand out. Not only does Extrasum Inc become one of the fast paced transact issuers online but also we protect interests of Traders and Investors in a specifically delicate way. New introductions and makeover of trade is one of the distinct characteristics we live upto. Not only do we make the Forex Market easy but also we add features that make us unique and different.

We are?

Even though being the revolutionists in the field for GAMM terminology, Extrasum has experiences and study of the investments. Following the registration in 2017, Extrasum thrived with a goal of becoming a global leader. To meet the experience levels of other brokers was a task but our priorities were set straight. As a Forex Broker, Extrasum faced challenges with upcoming launches and unique features. This way, we found out that traders face a lot of problem with post trading experiences. That’s exactly why we put forth the idea of GAMM terminology and Task Trading. Our experience of years has helped us cope up with the competitors and the motivation will keep us going in the future!

How are we different?

Extrasum is a reliable source with up-to-date and advanced technology in business since 2017. Its set apart from all other brokers on most levels including the introduction of GAMM terminology! Know more and better about what sets us apart from others.

  • STP Broker

    All of our client’s trade orders are executed through 12 large liquidity banks.
    STP Trading Broker

    STP Broker

  • GAMM Introducer

    Group Allocation Management Module that helps make your money work for you.
    GAMM Introducer

    GAMM Introducer

  • Task Trading

    Anyone can take 15 days task test and approved task traders can earn up to $5000 every month.
    Task Trading

    Task Trading

  • Stop Out Level

    First time in forex trading, we allow our traders to set the risk level % in their trading account, which protects their account from unforeseen market volatility.
    Stopout Level

    Stop Out Level

  • Raw Spread Trading

    Experience the Super-Tight Spreads from driving liquidity banks. Trade like a broker.
    Rawspread Trading

    Raw Spread Trading

  • Secure Deposit & Fast Withdrawals

    We believe rewards should follow on a quick note and hence Extrasum has come up with, secure Deposits & fast withdrawals.
    Secure Deposit And Fast Withdrawals

    Secure Deposit & Fast Withdrawals


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What Is Stopout Level
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