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Extrasum is a trading name of Extrasum Inc. registered by FSA St. Vincent and Grenadines under no. 24360 IBC 2017 to provide investment and trading services.

The team at Extrasum includes some of the most highly experienced and knowledgeable in Forex industry. We strive to provide our customers with investment and trading services that meet and even exceed their expectation.

Are you are looking for a dedicated and transparent broker? then consider opening an account at Extrasum. You will experience the best difference in forex trading and investments.

Our Mission

Extrasum Inc is a reliable Forex trading services with faultless reputation that has worked wonders.

Registered in 2017, Extrasum has avant-garde leadership and has taken the multiple and relative advantages to the next level that has made us distinct/ stand out.

Extrasum Certificate

Following the registration in 2017, We thrived with a goal of becoming a global leader.  We introduced a series of new services including Task Trading, a new way of trading without having to invest

Extrasum Trading

Extrasum Inc is a reliable Forex trading services with faultless reputation that has worked wonders. With cutting edge leadership, we have taken various favorable circumstances to the next level that has made us stand out in today’s world. Not only does Extrasum become one of the quick paced transact issuers on the internet today but also, we protect interests of Traders and Investors in an explicitly fragile manner.

Extrasum Module

What makes us better? We introduced GAMM (Group Allocation Management Module) for the first time in history of foreign exchange. It includes a criterion of investments with 7 groups which allows the investors to choose how and where to invest.

Extrasum Business Expansion

Post introduction of GAMM platform, we then proceeded with establishment in Dubai as a part of business expansion plan.

Extrasum Investors

It started as a slow process but ended with a great deal of growth achievement. As a part of our services, we put forth the idea of stop out level feature, thereby reaching 1k GAMM investors within a span of 8 months.

Extrasum Apps

The team worked meticulously and presented the traders and investors with iOS and Android apps that made their works easy.

Extrasum Promotions

The whole idea behind the apps was to promote the super earner feature that was enabled to increase the number of investors and traders providing the super earner a better hold over the others.

Extrasum Social Engagement

The super earner feature was further followed by changing the theme and introduction of 3 new groups to GAMM making it easy for the investors to choose. By now, we reached about 7k likes on Facebook.

Extrasum Payment Gateways

The most awaited time had come, when we introduced new payment gateways to make the transaction easy for the investors. All the deposit and withdrawals would now be made from Neteller, Skrill etc.

Extrasum Self Trading

By now, the self-trader had reached several 3.5k traders and about 3k investors. Profit distribution took place smoothly and trades were meticulous.

Extrasum Local Transactions

But we wanted more, so We also introduced local bank transactions and maintained zero slippage in trading.

Extrasum No Deposit Bonus

And just about recently, we introduced a No Bonus deposit Account where in, traders could trade without any initial investment. The first investment was born by the company and the trader would make profits depending upon that.

Extrasum User Friendly Transactions

We strive every moment to make the customers work easy by introducing easy and user-friendly methods of transactions, investments and relatable services.

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Why invest and trade with extrasum

Extrasum is a reliable source with up-to-date and advanced technology in business since 2017. Its set apart
from all other brokers on most levels including the introduction of GAMM terminology!
Know more and better about what sets us apart from others.

  • STP Trading Broker

    STP Broker

    All of our client’s trade orders are executed through 12 large liquidity banks.
  • GAMM Introducer

    GAMM Introducer

    Group Allocation Management Module that helps make your money work for you.
  • Stopout Level

    Stop Out Level

    First time in forex trading, we allow our traders to set the risk level % in their trading account, which protects their account from unforeseen market volatility.
  • Secure Deposit And Fast Withdrawals

    Secure Deposit & Fast Withdrawals

    We believe rewards should follow on a quick note and hence Extrasum has come up with, secure Deposits & fast withdrawals.

Our Global Presence

Global Presence
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