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Open a BONUS trading account with ZERO investment!!

  • Live trading with no deposit

    Want to experience trading on FOREX -for FREE?

    Open a BONUS account with NO deposit -to trade on extrasum platform and earn profits.

  • Trade with 20% stopout level

    Our STOPOUT feature allows you to trade with minimum risk. This also assists in using the leverage optimally and fix your loss limits.

  • Refer and earn rewards

    Refer your contacts and friends to open a live trading account on our platform and earn $10 into your Bonus trading account.

Frequently Asked Questions

You should register with us, after your login approval you can open bonus account.

One user can open only one bonus account.

No, you can’t withdraw bonus account principle amount. But you can take out profit from this bonus account into your trading wallet.

We are not charging any fee as of now.

No, you can’t add amount from your wallet.

You can do the top-up into your bonus account through your reward.

No limit, you can refer as many people as you can.

You will get $10 into your reward history once your referrer opens any one self trading live account and adds fund into that account.

You will get only $10 from one referrer.

No, you can’t transfer reward amount into your wallet.

Your bonus account has reached stop out level.

You need to do a top-up from your reward. The difference amount of $150 will get added into your bonus account.

No. You can’t change your bonus account leverage. Its fixed i.e. 1:100 only.

You cannot add available profit to the trading wallet while orders are still running in your bonus account.

You can see all your referrals from reward history option

Yes, off course. You can transfer profit from bonus account into your trader wallet. Then you can utilize that amount to trade in your Self trading live account or you can withdraw it.

Yes, you can change the password from your terminal.

You can raise the ticket with us; we will reset it for you.

The advantage of the bonus account is that no deposits are required from your side to trade in the live trading account. You will be allowed with a $150 fund from the company sides to trade with the account.

To earn the bonus, you have to add referrals and invite people to join the particular group.

The stop level is $120

There is no initial investment required from your side. After creating the account, you will get a fund amount of $150 from the company.

Trading wallet contains all your money from profits and other transactions.

Available profit is the total profit made from the bonus account.

You can invite more people and share your referral link from the “Get Rewards” tab.

You can share the referral code via any medium as a link. The referral reward is automatically updated in the rewards tab.

The profit and loss history is available to you in the available profit tab. All the profits incurred will be listed in the history.

You can earn $1 for every one standard lot you trade.

You can withdraw maximum of $100 from your available profit in one calendar month.

The balance will remain in your available profit and gets carried forward to the next month.

We will consider the call only after they get closed fully.

$150 bonus on real account

We ensure reliable Forex Trading situations to make sure that all skill level traders
get an opportunity to trade in the Forex Market, even depositless.

Bonus Account Terms and Conditions