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Our Unique Features

  • GAMM

    (Group Allocation Money Management)

    An indigenously designed platform wherein investors are allowed to invest in groups, based on the investment slabs. The pooled funds of the GAMM are traded by professional task traders who have passed more than 15 trading criteria and P/L allocation made based on the duration selected by investors.

  • Task Trading

    Task Trading

    Our team evaluates professional traders who don’t intend to invest and trade. These task traders need to pass more than 15 trading criteria. The approved traders are provided tasks to trade with GAMM investments and compensated with commensurate commission.

  • Stopout Trading

    Stopout Trading

    The stop-out option is a great attraction for our self-traders. They will be able to trade wisely as their losses will remain contained to the risks they are willing to take. Our self-traders can set the stop out level between 0 to 50% for each self-trading account, and that helps them in minimizing the risk from unforeseen trading conditions.

Ongoing task traders
  • #1 Rank
    Tamunoiyowuna Michael Since 4d
    79.62% Gain
  • #2 Rank
    Suad Amin Since 13d
    70.58% Gain
  • #3 Rank
    Anggy Pradita Irawan Since 3d
    67.61% Gain

Task Traders Statistics

Extrasum is now available on iOS and coming soon on Android platform for easy
trading and investments. So download the app only to get set and go!

  • #27 Ongoing Task Traders
  • #371 Approved Task Traders
  • $550106.69 Task Commission Paid

Forex Trading
Accessibility for Everyone

Extrasum-one of the best Forex brokers on the market, for traders all round the world. Extrasum offers access to CFD trading, commodity trading and indices trading with advanced Forex trading conditions. As well as access to the Forex market, Extrasum offers 5 variety of accounts that can help you.

  • NANO

    For small investment
    Account size

    For lowest spreads and
    less trading costs
    Account size

    For Independent Traders
    Account size

    For lowest spreads and
    less trading costs
    Account size

    For long term growth
    Account size

Why choose Forex Trading with Extrasum?

  • STP Trading Broker

    STP Broker

    All of our client’s trade orders are executed through 12 large liquidity banks.
  • GAMM Introducer

    GAMM Introducer

    Group Allocation Management Module that helps make your money work for you.
  • Task Trading

    Task Trading

    Anyone can take 15 days task test and approved task traders can earn up to $5000 every month.
  • Stopout Level

    Stop Out Level

    First time in forex trading, we allow our traders to set the risk level % in their trading account, which protects their account from unforeseen market volatility.
  • Rawspread Trading

    Raw Spread Trading

    Experience the Super-Tight Spreads from driving liquidity banks. Trade like a broker.
  • Secure Deposit And Fast Withdrawals

    Secure Deposit & Fast Withdrawals

    We believe rewards should follow on a quick note and hence Extrasum has come up with, secure Deposits & fast withdrawals.

You can now earn on the go.

Extrasum is now available on iOS and Android platform for easy
trading and investments. So download the app only to get set and go!

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