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  • Markup Account

  • Raw Spread Account

  • Managed Account

  • Minimum capital
  • Maximum Leverage

Mark-up is the amount added to the spread by straight-through processing. In this account, we charge you the commission by adding mark-up on spreads.

The typical mark-up will be 1 to 2 pips.

  • Minimum capital
  • Maximum Leverage

A raw spread is the spread at which we do not add Mark-up amount. We allow you to experience the raw spread trading; you can trade just like a broker.

Here we charge you a fee of 15% on each closed profit trade orders.

  • Minimum capital
  • Maximum Leverage

Actually, it is a semi-managed account with raw spread because your account will be traded by you and our traders.

Our system connects your account to different traders every day and all our traders target for ratio of 1:3 Risk Reward, orders placed by you and our traders will be differentiated. which you can see in your self-trading dashboard.

Here we charge you a fee of 25% on each closed profit trades of you or our traders.

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Extrasum Trade Zone offers a wide variety of account types, all with highly competitive and distinct trading conditions, specifically designed to meet the needs and demands of all types of traders.

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